Most Popular Gemstones and Colour for earrings 2020

Most Popular Gemstones and Colour for earrings 2020

One of the accessories that is often used to complement the look of a women's dress is earrings. Wearing earrings to your ears can add attraction and become an interest when people stare at you. Just like a variety of necklaces and bracelets, you also need to know the different types of earrings and the difference not to choose when to wear to an event, both casual activities, semi-formal and formal.

Accessories are an important complement to fashion, especially for women. By using accessories that fit your personality, clothing and situations, your look can be more stylish.

The latest fashion design of women's earrings is dominated by the different types of precious stones and semi precious stones that are becoming a trend of their own at the moment. Semi precious and precious stones have interesting contours and shades of color, which can fit with so many outfits.

Most Popular Gemstones for 2020 and Colour of the Year.

Pantone Colour Institute told a Las Vegas fashion show that the colour for 2020 will be inspired by the sea. 

The blue and purple tones of Tanzanite make it the ideal stone of 2020.

Handcrafted jewellery | Kioo in situ

Apatite occurs in a rainbow of enticing colours: neon blues and greens, petrol blues, deep purples or violets and golden .... And that makes it perfect for a colour palette inspired by the sea.

Apatite infinity ear studs

The colour of Aquamarine remind you of a peaceful sea. You can expect to see more of this gemstone in 2020. 

Aquamarine ear studs

Though Amethyst is a purple coloured gemstone, it will still be a popular gemstone of 2020. 

Amethyst earrings

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