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How to choose the right earrings?

Identify with the stylistic direction and trends – that's only half the case. It's equally important that fashionable earrings suit you, emphasize the dignity of your appearance, and hide the imperfections.Handcrafted Jewelry | Kioo in situ

  • If you have a round face, you should wear oval or long earrings or earrings-drops. Small or round earrings visually "round" the face, making it fuller. Women with a small face are undesirable to wear very large, massive earrings. Women with a face in the form of a oval can choose any kind of earrings, with an emphasis on their favorite images and their own taste.

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  • Blondes are perfectly suited to light earrings of cold tints, brunette looks great with earrings of bright, clean shades, with coloured inserts.

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  • Earrings with gemstones can also be selected for eye color: pure blue eye colour highlights lapis lazuli, black-agate or turquoise; Green eyes will light brighter along beryl, pomegranate, malachite, or turquoise; The beautiful yellowish-green eyes is enhanced by chrysolite; Light blue eyes will shine brighter if you wear earrings with purple, golden, blue or light orange inserts; Brown eye should pay attention to earrings with bright stones - rubies, emerald, topaz.

Handcrafted Jewelry | Kioo in situ

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