Did you know you have more than one birthstone?

Did you know you have more than one birthstone?

The fascination with the birthstone seems endless, especially since there are so many ways to define your birthstone! They also make excellent gifts when you are out of ideas for a gift. Let's examine the wonder of the birthstones.

You probably already know that someone's birthstone can find by looking at his or her birth date or astrological sign. It is the most popular, or commonly known, way to find a birthstone.

If you just look at the month, you will see that more than one birthstone is awarded, because in the world of crystals and stones, energies are freely shared so that you can find many similarities in color and overall energy signature between different gemstones.

YOUR MONTH OF BIRTH                              GEMSTONE

January                                                            Garnet / Rose Quartz 

February                                                          Onyx / Amethyst

March                                                              Aquamarine / Bloodstone               

April                                                                 Diamond / Clear quartz                 

May                                                                  Emerald / Chrysophrase               

June                                                                 Moonstone / Pearl                     

July                                                                  Ruby / Carnelian                               

August                                                             Peridot / Sardoniks                         

September                                                      Sapphire / Lapis Lazuli                     

October                                                           Tourmaline / Opal         

November                                                       Topaz / Citrine                                   

December                                                       Turquoise / Tanzanite

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